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An informed patriot is what we want. - Ronald Reagan

Make Wyoming's Government Smaller!  Stop the Waste!

Stay Involved! Save our Republic!

Patriot Chat!
August 17, 6:30p - 8:30p 
The Powder Horn Golf Clubhouse

Free and open to everyone!

Our featured guest is Mark Jones from Gunowners of America who will talk for a few minutes on how to get our legislators to enact stronger 2nd Amendment laws.  
Come ask questions about your Republican party, the Bill Gates' nuclear facility, Medicaid expansion,  legislation you are wondering about, discussions amongst friends!  This is an Open Forum.
Spread the word!
The bar will be open  for refreshments to be purchased if you choose. Thank you Dr. Robert Byrd for arranging this venue! 

Click on the link below to see what sort of "extremists" we are:

Final, approved documents from the 2020 County Convention are available below:

Sheridan County Republican Party Bylaws, 2020
Sheridan County Resolutions, 2020
Sheridan County Platform Changes, 2020

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